People are at the heart of our business. Our goal is to find talented individuals, whom we can train and empower to succeed. The pursuit of quality is what drives our decision making, from our suppliers, to members of our team, and the produce we put on each plate. Come join us.

Working With Us


We value passion because everything we do is driven to find an elegant solution, a market niche, to make a site beautiful (again). Passion is not always something you can teach but something we can build upon.

Continual Learning

From passion comes the drive to always do better and find a better way. We don’t believe in ever being “done”. We enjoy training our teams, seeing potential and getting our teams to reach their own personal goals within our business.

Team Work

Restaurants and dining out are a whole lot of little things done really well at the same time. This takes dedication, time, and commitment from everyone – front of house, kitchen, office, reservations! Great teamwork doesn’t happen by chance. It is from who we choose to work with as a foundation.


We want our diners to choose our restaurants. We want our team to choose to work with us. We want our suppliers to want to be on our menus. We want our neighbours and community to see our restaurants as a great addition to the neighbourhood. This comes from always showing up and striving to be better.

Hear it from our team

“All of us would eventually reach our ceiling, but the brand keeps growing which means the ceiling keeps getting higher. That’s the best part about us growing as a company.”

Jacqui Challinor
Executive Chef – NOMAD Group

“Culturally, I always tell new staff that we serve food we love to eat, so it’s the food we love to cook. You really see that passion on the plate here. From the first time I ate here, I realised it was somewhere I wanted to work.”

Josh Moroney
Head Chef – NOMAD Melbourne

“At NOMAD Group, we are privileged to work with the best wines available in the country.
But what is even better than the wines is the people who produce them.
Building relationships with Australian vignerons and bringing their stories to our guests is the most rewarding part of my role”

Ged Bellis
Beverage Director – NOMAD Group

“I came to Australia from the UK in 2014 and began as a waitress at NOMAD Sydney and eights years later here I am! “It was never the plan, but I fell in love with Sydney and fell in love with Nomad and the way it operates. Progressing and growing alongside the business has been great, I love it.”

Sian Potsig
Venues Director – NOMAD Group

Current Positions

NOMAD Sydney – Venue Manager

NOMAD Sydney - Venue Manager

Reine & La Rue – Pastry Chef de Partie

Reine & La Rue - Pastry Chef de Partie

Reine & La Rue – Section Waiter

Reine & La Rue - Section Waiter

Don’t see the role you’re looking for? Send us a message and your resume, and our team will contact you shortly. 


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